David J. Wilson is an artist who lives, works, and teaches in New York, New York.

Wilson holds an MFA from Hunter College (2012)

He has shown his work in galleries, museums, and public spaces across North America

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An artist is inevitably a witness to the time he is alive. We are now in post-history, a bit rot, where the duplication and reproduction of shapes, forms, and systems has exhausted itself and we are left with unanswerable questions. In these conflicted spaces, I focus on the anxieties and interstices that arise from the destruction of what was once new. I attempt to move away from rarefied pasts and into a critically dynamic present to embrace the limitations of our knowledge, the things we know but cannot accept, to find the uncanny. This happens most often with the creation, appropriation, and contextualization of objects and noise, both aurally and as information by-product.