David J. Wilson is an artist who lives, works, and teaches in New York, New York.

Wilson holds an MFA from Hunter College (2012)

He has shown his work in galleries, museums, and public spaces across North America

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Artist Statement:

My work explores evidences of the power dynamics embedded in the hierarchies of institutional oppression and the histories that coincide with their existence in a Democratic Republic system of governance. In an age of information proliferation and ephemeral relationships it is easy to overlook the consequences that political agendas place on the body, and these effects are often remained out of sight for the purpose of continuing a hegemony. My work emphasizes how the non-arbitrary nature of the devices, objects, and architecture of institutions exist in contrast to the platitudes given to us by those that construct and wield power. Through the creation of objects the work explores how perception, materiality, and process may question and reflect upon the psychological structures inherent in the design of societal mechanisms and their consequences on the human body and psyche.