David J. Wilson is an artist who lives, works, and teaches in New York, New York.

Wilson holds an MFA from Hunter College (2012)

He has shown his work in galleries, museums, and public spaces across North America

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My work is an investigation of various apparatus of class and social constructs using sculpture, sound and repurposed objects as its discourse. These elements are often combined to create site and culturally specific installations and reflect on notions of the machine, not as a technical device and apparatus, but as a social composition and concatenation. This conception of the machine as an arrangement of technical, bodily, intellectual, and social components allows questions to rise about the opposition between human and machine, organism and mechanism, individual and community, and is the codified language I use to make images. Most often, my research and projects are sourced from urban places, and the materials that are considered the detritus of these locales. I take these seemingly mundane elements, re-situate and alter them to create unique environments and objects for viewer investigation. My sculpture and installations develop alternate modes of operation and question familiar surroundings by emphasizing the nuances of a space, juxtaposing materials, scale, and form in an attempt to create subtle shifts in perception to override the convention and functionality of institutions, public space, and social didactics in a post-industrial society.